Any modern business worth its salt recognises the importance of keeping information stored safely and securely.

But what’s the most robust and cost-effective solution? Some companies choose to invest in their own data storage units. However, virtual servers are emerging as the smart way to protect what matters most. Why go to the expense of purchasing costly server equipment if cheaper alternatives exist?

If you do invest in your own servers, who is going to maintain them? There’s certainly a lot to consider when it comes to data management. However, why take risks? Trustworthiness and reliability are key factors in building brands. If customers don’t think your company exhibits either of these important traits they’ll probably go elsewhere.

Maybe it’s time you opt for peace of mind when it comes to keeping your company’s valuable information protected. It could end up saving your business both time and money.

Up in the cloud

Amidst the continually evolving world of technology exists a safe haven that an increasing number of businesses are turning to the cloud.

Like the name suggests, the cloud, or cloud technology, offers a space where information is kept floating safely in the cyber-sky. It really is as light and fluffy as this description. Because cloud-based solutions are the smart way for businesses to store company data and keep threats at bay. This is where virtual servers come in.

How does it all work?

Right! Find a room, any room and stick a whopping server or two in there. Depending on your company’s size and requirements you might even need more units. Oh and by the way, you’ll have to keep them cool.

So, you might want to splash out and spend lots of money trying to keep them at just the right temperature. Indeed, servers have a tendency to overheat if they’re not stored correctly.

Oh dear. It appears they’ve gone into meltdown and you’ve lost everything. All of those invoices, company receipts, tax returns, inventories and orders have disappeared. They’ve literally blown up in a puff of angry electrical smoke.

OK, so it’s a slightly laboured point but do you see the problem here? Opting to buy servers, maintain them and avert a technological volcanic disaster can be a tricky business in itself.

The virtual variety offers a more easygoing solution. Entrusting another company to host and manage your data needn’t sound scary. Bespoke data storage providers possess both the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure information is not compromised.

Powerful firewalls? Check! Security protocols? Check! And you’ll want all of that data backed up-just in case.

If you do your homework you might even discover the joys of hosted desktops. Through virtual servers your employees are able to access company data and applications remotely. These are pretty handy if you want the ability to work wherever you want.

An in-house system might work for your business. However, many companies are realising the power and efficiency of cloud-based virtual servers. It’s no surprise that hosted data management is growing in popularity. With potential cost-benefits and the reassurance provided by IT experts their list of advantages is continuing to outstrip the competition.

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