How To Start A Web Hosting Company

Dec - 31 - 2011
sanchit singh

To start a web hosting company is very easy but to market it and convert your website visitors to your customers is very difficult. If you are thinking that today you buy a server, make a website to sell web hosting and from the another day you will getting customers then you are wrong. But Don’t worry, there are many market strategies to sell your web hosting. Now I’m going to guide you step by step about how to start a web hosting company and to market your plans on internet because only to start a web hosting company is not enough. In this article I have explained about how to start a web hosting business in six important steps. All of the six steps are equal Important and have individually equal importance. As I have said you above, Sixth step is the root of whole process but every step has its own importance. Firstly I would like to explain the summary of this article and then will explain these steps in brief.

A Summary In Short About How To Star A Web Hosting Company : Firstly you should plan how much you can invest in starting for your web hosting business. then after you will have to look for a server provider who provides vps servers, dedicated server or atleast reseller web hosting. After choosing your server provider you have to design a website which will attract your customer. Remember that cheap looking website will never give you a lead. Create packages according to what services you are providing in a hosting plan. Almost everything is set now. Go for a big promotion of your business. Promote your company as much as you can. I have explained promotion methods in sixth step of this article.

start a web hosting companyBrief Explanation About How To Start A Web Hosting Company : Here I have explained six steps to start a web hosting company.

Plan Deeply About How Much You Can Invest : First step is to plan deeply about how much you can invest in starting for your web hosting business. The more you invest the more you get the leads. You must have atleast some dollors because you need to purchase a web server or atleast a reseller web hosting plan from a hosting provider. then you need a account in like adwords to promote your business or website. because seo effects atleast after two or three months so in order to get lead from the first day of starting business you will need a adwords account. the more you invest in adwords advertising, the more you get the lead. Means In starting when you promote your website through PPC programs, you have to set you pay per click bidding and daily budget. So the more bid, your ranking become better and you you will get some more leads.

Choose Your Best Server Provider : The next step is to choose the best server provider company. Don’t worry, I have also explained about how to choose your best web host. First if your starting budget is  too low you should go with the reseller hosting. and after one or two month when you will get some bucks from your business, switch to a Virtual private server with a good configuration. Remember to configure your server’s ram a bit high. Are you not getting what is a virtual server? Don’t worry I’ll let you know everything about VPS which stands for virtual private server and a dedicated server. Actually vps is a part of dedicated server. you can create several vps in a dedicated server and also can sell it. A dedicated server is a whole server computer and you have full authority to access your whole server. but in vps you can access only the part of server provided to you. I would Recommend you to go with a dedicated server even in your initial stage.

Design A Attractive Website : Your web hosting company’s website is one of the main key of your web hosting business. Customers always attract with a good looking website. I would highly recommend you to design a very good looking website. Professional looking website always give you some more leads and in a web hosting business you always look only for leads. Here lead means sales your web hosting package. After creating website and done with all designing part you will look for only and only sales. You will have to sell your packages anyhow. Offering Discount coupon is one of the best way attract customers to buy you web hosting package.

Create Packages For Your Client : After creating website of your web hosting company and choose your web host provider, you need to create some exiting packages. Remember that the price of your package will be worth to that package. There are many hosting companies which are providing really good packages and many addons in a very less price. Always keep in mind that the competition in web hosting business is too high. So you should create affordable package which cost should not be very high. Before deciding price of your web hosting packages, search some web hosting companies on internet, see their prices and then decide a competitive price of your web hosting package.

Provide Some Good Options of Payment Methods To Your Customer : It is not sure that the payment method you are providing is available to your customer. may be your customer is looking for another payment networks. So always try to give more and more option of payment methods to your customer so that they can easily pay you. One thing you should also remember that you should also create a good environment of your billing page so that your customer don’t hesitate to enter their personal information as well as billing information. I’ll recommend you to use WHMCS billing software for billing system of your web hosting website.

Promote Your Business : As I’ve said, To start a web hosting company is not enough. you will have to promote your company to get better leads. So here I’have explained some nice ways to promote your web hosting company.

  • PPC Programs : PPC stands for pay per click. Google adwords is the best option of PPC programs. Now probably you’re thinking that why should i go with a PPC program if I’m already doing search engine optimization of my website. For that I would like to let you know that search engine optimization is best for your business but if takes some time to effect the ranking of your website in search engines. If today you start a web hosting business and you want leads from the very next day, you will have to go with PPC programs like google adwords which will give you leads and over all a good response for your web hosting business.

  • Search Engine Optimization : search engine optimization is the best way promote your business on internet and get leads. If you have a question that why would i go with search engine optimization if I’m already investing in PPC programs like gogole adwords then I would like to let you know that PPC programs is not a long lasting way to promote your business on internet. you can’t afford these programs forever because if you are willing to sell a package of $20/year, you need to invest atleast 10-15$. So your ROI will be not good. But in search engine optimization, you get your visitors for free from search engine visibility however it takes much time to get good ranking in major search engines.
  • Web Hosting Forums : It is very important to let the other internet users know about the existence of your company. Web hosting forums are the best way to promote your business for free. You don’t need to pay even a single buck to promote your web hosting company. forums also allow you to drop a signature as a link of your company’s website in every of your comment. It is the best way to promote you offers as well as to promote your packages. I’ll recommend you to register in webhostingtalk.com. It is a web hosting forum with a very high traffic. You will defiantly get some leads from web hosting forums.
  • Offline Marketing : Offline marketing is also a good way to get good reputation in market. You can sms to other peoples who are willing to buy a web hosting company. Media ads, Sponsorship in Functions, Phone calls are some of the good ways to market your web hosting business offline. Provide good support to your customers not even by chat and emails but also from phone calls. If it is possible for you, try to provide toll free number to your customers for support. So In marketing of your web hosting business all you need to do is to try how can you convert your website visitor into your customer. My best wishes are with you. Go ahead and start you web hosting company now.

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Written by sanchit singh

sanchit singh

Sanchit Singh is an IT Professional and blogger at BigPassage. You can connect with me on Facebook and Google+ at +Sanchit Singh. Go to page to know more about me.

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