10 types of web hosting

May - 30 - 2013

Web Hosting Service is an Internet Hosting Service that allows a number of companies, organizations and individuals to make their web sites accessible via the WWW (World Wide Web). Companies which provide disk space, internet connectivity, monthly bandwidth, data transfer and many other services are called Web Hosting Companies. There are many types of Hosting, some of which will be discussed in this article for your reference.

1. Free Web Hosting Service: Different companies offer this service with limited space and with other conditions such as Displaying Ads on their client’s Web Pages.

2. Shared Web Hosting Service: A common server can be shared to multiple domains or multiple websites and is made accessible via WWW through a “shared” server or set of CPU and RAM.

3. Reseller Web Hosting Service: Some companies allow their clients to purchase a hosting service for reselling purposes to other customers or clients who become web hosts themselves. Many resellers provide shared web hosting service and provide technical support to their clients.

4. Virtual Private / Dedicated Server (VPS): In this type of web hosting, Virtual machines run on server to provide a singel virtual server to access the root by their clients or customers. In this case, sometimes buyers of VPS are responsible for the maintenance and patching of the virtual server.

5. Dedicated Hosting Service: Complete server is owned by the client in Dedicated hosting service. The client gains full control, even root access, to their Operating System. Ownership of the server is limited by rules set by the hosting providers companies, as it is leasing the server. Client is fully responsible for the damage and maintenance of the server.

6. Managed hosting service: In this service, the client owns the web server but does not have root access to their operating system as an Administrator. They manage their data via remote management tools or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Quality of Service is assured because users can not get access to modify the server itself. It is also the leasing of the web server.

7. Co-location web hosting service: This type of web hosting service is the most powerful and expensive because in this service user owns the coloc server. The user gets all the physical space of the server and takes care of the server. Any system configuration is accepted by the co-location provider.

8. Cloud hosting: Of all the hosting platforms, cloud hosting is the newest type, and is more reliable and powerful, because it is based on clustered load balanced servers and utility billing. Loss of connection due to natural disaster and power loss are less problematic with this type of hosting service.

9. Grid Hosting: When a server cluster acts like a grid and compound of multiple nodes, it is called a grid hosting service.
10. Home Server: A home server is a single machine that is placed in any residential or private place and can be used to host sites via a static IP provided by the ISP (Internet Service Providers).

Some hosting provides offers to specific types of hosting like image, file, video, blog, shopping cart, paste bin and email hosting service.

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