Blogging boomed in the 1990s as a way for average Joes to get their thoughts, feelings, knowledge and opinions out into the World Wide Web. Nowadays, rather than targeting one specific audience, bloggers can influence a whole host of internet users with their posts, as well as using blogging as a way to generate profits, promote their businesses and reach otherwise distant audiences – as long as they have the  [ Read More ]

Meta tags help your web pages in search engine ranking. These tags give an identity to your web page about its category. Meta tags are the main aspect of on page search engine optimization. Without these tags you can’t expect good search engine result. Those who has tried to add meta tags like meta keywords and descriptions to blogger pages, might have noticed that to add meta keywords and description  [ Read More ]

How To Make a Blogger Or WordPress Blog

If you are not a web designer or developer, blog is only the way to promote your business, content, expertise or anything you can promote via websites. usually people make blogs to promote their expertise publicly on internet by writing articles in their blog and also earn money by advertising on it. In order to make a blog you don’t need to know programming knowledge if you are decided to  [ Read More ]

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on internet. Facebook provides its like button and many other article sharing button to recommend your webpage or article to your facebook friends. By adding facebook like button people can share your webpage with their friends and by doing this you will get good traffic to your webpage or website. So here I’m going to guide you about how to add facebook like button to all  [ Read More ]

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