This article will let you how you can discover Android malware infections. The openness of Android OS does not only attract developers who want to customize apps beyond limits but also malware attackers who want to steal private data and money from Android users. If you are a new Android user, this is dedicated to you. You can use it to fully protect your Android from malware and virus infections. Here are the steps to discover android malware infections.

 1. Scan it regularly :

Scan your Android device for malware and other malicious programs. Install an antivirus on the device and scan all the applications, data, settings and media files for malware and virus infections. You can find many free or paid Antivirus apps on Google Play Android App Store.

 2. Monitor the unusual usages of network or battery :

Examine the android device for network and battery usages. If network usage is unusual or battery is quickly draining, there are chances that your device has got malware infections.

 3. Watch out the changes in Device Setting :

Be careful for any changes in the settings of your device. Examine this by turning off GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc. and if these services turn on without your knowledge or permission, there are chances that infected apps on your device might by causing the issue.

 4. Look to Device Unstableness : 

If you observe unusual things on your Android devices, e.g. slowdown, freezing, frequent reboots, you may have malware or virus infections.

 5. Catch out Chanceful Applications :

It is your responsibility that you spend some time to review each application you have installed on your device. For exact information you can write the name of applications and search about them on the web. Match the names of app developers shown on your device with the names shown on the official app pages as well as Google Play Android App store. If there is any mismatch, immediately remove the apps. 99% of Android threats come through unknown apps.  To uninstall suspicious apps, go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage and uninstall the offender applications.

 Tips :

1. Before downloading or transferring files, make sure your device has real time scanning antivirus program.

2. While downloading apps from Google Play Android app store, do not ignore permissions. These permissions let you have quick idea about the activities an application will do on your device.

3. Be logical for permissions and always allow logical permissions, e.g. why does a simple torch apps want to access GPS facility or contacts on your device? If you find anything doubtful, do not install the app.

4. Google Play Android App store is the most reliable place for downloading android apps. Be careful if you download from other places.

5. Before you download an application, research the reviews and feedbacks for it.

Shubhangi is Sr. System Analyst at a leading  mobile application development company which provides a wide range of  development services to various small, mid-sized and enterprise clients in the USA, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

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