10 Best Free Games For Android

Feb - 15 - 2013
sanchit singh

An Android smartphone can entertain you in many ways and games are one of them. Here i have explained a list of 10 best games for android. These are free games for android. I can guarantee you that these best android games will definitely entertain you and make you addicted of games as well. If you are looking for free android games which are best games as well then this list will be best for you. Some of these games are also for iOS as well. These games are personally my favorite games and hope you will also like it. So here is the list of  top 10 free and best games for android. Install these games on your android and have fun.

Android Games

Android Games

 1. World War™ 

This is an awesome Multiplayer online war game for Android, iPhone and iPod Touch which is nowadays famous in millions of people. In this game you have to run with a good story of 2012 nuclear war and 5 countries will merge in order to become an awesome force with some great superpowers. You can also fight with others online players live. Don’t think how will you find other players online to play with them. There are millions of people playing this game online. Around 1.3 millions people often online when you login to play this game. Here is the link to download this from android market : Download

 2. Drag Racing

This is an awesome racing game that can keep you hooked for long time. This game consists a maze and a mouse that is trapped inside. You have to move the blocks in a way so that mouse can go towards the exit. It consists many levels that can entertain you for a long time. Mainly this game is for those who are fan of puzzle games. You can drive 50+ cars, upgrade performance and customize your car. Challenge other players online and have fun with this racing game. You can download this game from Here : Download

 3. iMobsters™

This is an massive multiplayer online mafia game. Fight with over 10 millions players online after login. In this game you will start your career as a small thief and afterwards you will grow to a mafia don by bringing other into your mob. In this, you can get free updates with new missions, weapons, real state and more. All you need is to bring friends into your mob to make it stronger. You can download this android game here :  Download

 4. Robo Defense FREE

This is one of the best game for android. By this game you will get experience of ultimate portable defense system. Graphics are awesome and you can play single map with eleven different stages. In this game you will find many great achievements, upgrades and maps. All maps and upgrades are available in full version of this game. You can buy a pro version of this game as well from android market. I would recommend you to give it a try. Upgrade options are available in this game itself. Have an experience with the demo version and go for pro it impressed you. You can download it here : Download

 5. Live Holdem Poker Pro

This game lets you play poker with millions of online people. An awesome game for you to play with online peoples. Join the android network to play poker with millions of online gamers. You can also connect with your facebook profile for fast registration. After registration you will get 1000 diamonds and 12k chips and also get free five thousand chips everyday. The main thing of this game is live chat and you can also use your personal avatars for live chat. You can download this game here: Download

 6. Mega Jump

This is a quality premium game for free with eye-popping cartoon graphics and beautiful multi-layered backdrops. The principle of this game is very simple. You can also use the coins you have earned to unlock items that will make your player better, bigger and faster. you will get regular updates with new features of this game. You can download it from here : Download

 7. Mouse Trap 

This is a simple puzzle game which is very interesting. In this, all you need to do is to find a way through that mouse can go out which is trapped. You can find the way by sliding the blocks out of the mouse’ way and unblock each maze. With the game progresses, you will get coins and can also unlock bonuses.You can unlock various stages and hidden features of this game with the coins you will get. This game consists 1200 stages. You can download this game here : Download

 8. Tank Hero

This is a very famous game. It provides 3D action on your android. In this game you can fight in different arenas and become a tank hero. IN your way, you will have to face lots of cunning enemies. You have to kill them to become a tank hero. This game has two modes, one is campaign and another one is survival mode. You have the option to choose five types of tanks and weapons. You will also get multi touch and trackball control schemes in this game. Download this game here : Download

 9. Paradise Island 

This is a free funny game for the people who loves natural beauties like sea, sky, beaches and all. In this game you can build sunny island in a way you wish.  It allows you to build an attractive beaches, island to attract rich tourists. Build casino’s, hotels, entertaining points to entertain tourists. Create your dream island and customize it attract tourists.This game has won 130 of awards and achievements. This is for sure that you will love this game. Download this game from here : Download

 10. Jewels

This is one of my favorite game. I use to play this game hours and hours. It is a simple but quite funny puzzle game. You can compete players all around the world. Graphics of this game are really clear and smooth to play. It consists four modes : normal, timed, quick and infinite. This game is also available for iPhone. You can download this game from android market : Download

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sanchit singh

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