Information technology is the most exciting industry when it is viewed upon as a whole – from end to end. The exchange of data is merely but the tip of the proverbial iceberg which includes disciplines from varied backgrounds of chemistry, material sciences, software, physics, mathematics and numerous others, to extensive to repeat. The transfer of a single email from its origin to its destination traverses a multitude of technologies. Causal users do not see past the applications they run; slightly more informed users, see the platforms; and that increasing degree of knowledge sees an increasing level of sophistication in the resources required to dispatch that single email, be it across the room or across the continents.

Information Technology

Every byte that is communicated, stored, copied streamed or downloaded, is described by one catch-all word – “Information.”  The term Information Technology, then by deduction is all the technology that is involved in the process of distributing that information.

Form a commercial perspective, Information Technology, or IT for short, is a lucrative business. The five largest corporations in the world, ranked by market capitalization – which is a better metric than revenue, has on its list three IT companies. The three IT companies in total stand at over a trillion dollars in market cap. This is a testament to the importance IT plays in the world today, but more importantly, it is a display of the future prospect informed investors place on this industry.

Job Prospects

If one were to analyze the qualitative and quantitative data in deciding on a career path, it would be hard to ignore the prospects of being involved in some way with the IT industry. Looking past the one trillion combined market cap of the three top five companies, go one step further and think about the supporting industries that are connected to and from ether the supply chain for these behemoths or are in the distribution side. Then off course there are the competitors, putting them together and finding a job – a lucrative one, is not hard.

Qualifications and Training

Depending on which rung of IT one is interested in ascending to, or which area, for that matter, there are course that will aid in that pursuit. The first thing when entering the work force is to have a basic education. Preferably a tertiary education that creates a strong foundation. With this foundation, specialization in one of the many fields in IT can be pursued with adequate training and competent instruction.

Recurrent Training

A major characteristic of technology, be it biochemical, mechanical, and certainly Information, is that it is constantly changing, constantly evolving. With this evolution and change, old technologies are displaced – obviating, in its wake the knowledge that engineers and technicians arduously pursued at a certain point in time.

With this in mind, it must be understood that technology is fluid, it is dynamic and it is highly competitive. Because, to stand still in terms of IT knowledge, is to become obsolete in short order. The only way to not become a dinosaur in this field is to regularly attend recurrent technology training or refreshers and to keep up with advancements in the focus are and surrounding disciplines.

IT Consulting

The holy grail of all technology jobs is to gravitate toward the prospect of opening one’s own consultancy business. This is more so in the IT arena. Setting up IT Consulting Services after a period of employment to gain experience is a profitable move in most cases. Places like Technologia can help with the necessary recurrent training and with learning new skills and exploring new technologies.

To be part of the largest and most competitive industry, the IT Industry, it is a necessity to stay abreast, if not ahead, of the pack to be able to perform at a certain level the customer expects. This is a combination of skill, determination and hard work as working and learning simultaneously is not easy to accomplish. However, if done correctly it is the best formula for success.

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Written by eifu

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