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Apr - 12 - 2013
sanchit singh

For many, the idea of an email marketing strategy begins and ends with the idea of having an email marketing strategy. We’re not saying that they don’t go any further than that initial germ of an idea, but beyond knocking together the odd email to send out to their contacts list, there is not a lot of, well, strategizing.

And the reasons for this are quite simple. It isn’t that people are too lazy to come up with a workable, potentially successful strategy, it’s just that many believe that simply touching base with their customers is enough to keep brand awareness bubbling away and visitors knocking at their door. It’s the marketing equivalent of those Christmas cards you send each year out of habit to old neighbours and distant relatives.

Which isn’t to say that you should abandon the idea of email marketing (although you should probably stop sending those Christmas cards); rather you should perhaps think about investing in a little professional help.

Now the alarm bells may be ringing and pound signs may be floating by your dazed eyes but companies such as www.dotmailer.com offer their customers fully formed email marketing strategies, based on experience and expertise, at super affordable rates.

This is where it really gets exciting.

Without the skills and knowledge of coding, scripting or HTML you can create stunning email templates that will instantly snare the lucky recipients and draw them in. Not only that but you can create tailored variations of your template for your campaign.

Managing your lists is straightforward too with ‘Unsubscribe’ (although why anyone would want to unsubscribe from your list will be a mystery) requests handled in real time. You will also be able to create personalised content and dynamic content where each email contains elements that change dependent on pre-defined rules.

With triggered emails (for trial renewals, reminders, customers’ birthdays) you can sit back and let your email service take care of business for you, ironically giving customers a ‘personal touch’ while you are decidedly hands off!

And all of this is available, nay essential, as part of an affordable email marketing campaign. So if your idea of an email marketing strategy extended no further than a welcome email it could be time to think again.

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Written by sanchit singh

sanchit singh

Sanchit Singh is an IT Professional and blogger at BigPassage. You can connect with me on Facebook and Google+ at +Sanchit Singh. Go to page to know more about me.

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