Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a type of statistical hypothesis testing that involves a randomized experiment with two variants. It may also be referred to as two-sample hypothesis testing as used in the field of statistics. The goal of which is to determine the changes in outcomes between two web pages when a specific attribute in one is changed. The default number of search results in Google is said to have been decided upon based on the results of A/B testing.

As it can be inferred from the name, A and B in A/B testing refer to two versions of something being compared. A serves as the control version while B is the modified one. Both of these versions are sent to the same number of intended recipients and the outcomes are measured. This test is not as accurate as statistical approaches but it offers mostly adequate insights on which works and which does not.

1. It Helps You Learn Nuances on Effectively Framing or Composing Your Emails or Newsletters

Conducting A/B testing is not going to be a walk in the park. Nevertheless, it’s a rewarding experience. The procedures are simple but the the kind of learning experiences offered are rich and very useful. Slight changes in the subject lines, calls to action, promo or discount codes, or in other parts of the content of emails or newsletters sent can mean a significant difference. Likewise, changes in the layout, format, or colors used in the marketing emails can influence the reaction or response of recipients.

A/B testing is not a quick or easy task. Many marketers may not really have the time for it. However, it is something worth doing to be able to tweak marketing emails to extents that mean big changes in the outcomes and incomes. Nowadays, there are email marketing companies that integrate email A/B testing functions to make it relatively easy undertaking A/B comparisons without interrupting or adding more burden to the standard email marketing process. A/B testing is a crucial part that can mean the difference between breaking even and earning money, don’t be lazy.

2. It Serves as a Training Ground for Developing Precision and More Thoughtful Actions

A/B testing in email marketing usually does not seek to run comparisons between two highly contrasting marketing emails. As mentioned, the differences are rather slight. This means that it is very important to be aware of even the minutest details to be able to see how differences in responses or outcomes occur. A/B testing emphasizes attention to details or the meticulousness in perceiving everything.

3. It Helps Develop a Sense of Segmentation and Targeting

The results of A/B testing can be heterogenous. They may not comprehensively represent situations. For instance, response rates could be considerably different between men and women or among respondents in different age brackets. If you are doing A/B testing a number of times, you will likely develop the habit of scrutinizing the results to find out if the conclusion applies to everything or if it only applies to specific segments.

This can be referred to as targeting and segmentation. Identifying targets is important even in email marketing. You can’t just send your emails or newsletters to random addresses. A/B testing is a good way to learn more about identifying and exploiting your targets. Some consider segmentation as an overlooked marketing strategy although it may also be considered as a skill that can be developed in the process of doing A/B tests.

4. It Helps Train Analytical Skills in General

A/B testing is more than just a simple comparison between two versions of email marketing materials. The things being compared may look simple but the more important details are concealed behind this simplicity. There is a need to look into the why’s and how’s. Doing A/B testing allows you to do something that looks basic on the surface but actually requires a lot of deeper analysis beyond the plain numbers.

If you use email marketing tools like GetResponse or Marketo that come with A/B testing features, you will have ample opportunities to learn how to tweak your email marketing materials to make them more effective. A/B testing tools usually offer a guide on the different factors that can be modified, from the subject and sender lines to the images, content, style, response buttons, press mentions, taglines, format, and the use of testimonials. Regularly use A/B testing and you will likely get the hang of effective email marketing sooner.

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