Technology companies always seem to be at the forefront of innovation, not only when it comes to implementing new technology, but also creating really good working environment for everyone involved with the company. From management to programmers, from secretaries to customers. It’s the experience that the best of the best IT companies offer to their employees today. Considering good people are always hard to find, the best companies out there know how to keep their people, with flexible working hours, fun and engaging working environments and great intelligent offices and buildings. That’s definitely one reason why people would consider, in addition to money, working for companies such as Google or Skype.

Those companies aren’t creating the really cool working environments just because it’s fun, but because that’s what today’s employees are after. Especially considering that according to the 2014 Workplace Trends Report created by Sodexo, we spend 54 percent of our waking hours at work. And we want to enjoy each and every minute of it. According to the report people are after more flexibility, training, rewards and recognition, and an experience that would create a good attachment between them and the company, they want to be engaged and inspired at work.

“You don’t hire engaged people, you create them,” said Michael Norris from Sodexo North America. “The key to creating engaged employees lies in the experience you create for them at work. It’s not only understanding how to enhance their productivity and engagement; it’s also about uncovering and executing on ways to improve their quality of life.”

You can learn more about the report below.

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