Artificial Intelligence is becoming more sophisticated these days, even the ones meant for children. For instance, the NAO robot can pick itself up if it falls, follows complicated commands, and is able to be programmed by users. But one of its greatest advancements is that it is cute. Thanks to a simple discover – robots that don’t move their heads while they talk look angry. While advancements in AI certainly have profound cultural implications, they affect the toy market more than anything else. And that brings us to Zoomer the Robot Dog, AKA that toy all the kids are going to want this year.

So what’s the fuzz on Zoomer the Robot Dog? This AI robot is capable of doing most of the fun things people enjoy about pet dogs without some of the more unpleasant details. Zoomer can be trained to do tricks, such as sitting, speaking, playing with a ball, and coming when called. He does need to be trained, but this is a bit more straightforward than with a live dog. Owners simply press Zoomer’s head down, say Zoomer’s name, and then state the command. It is easy to tell if Zoomer understands, because his eyes display electronic symbols for his state of mind. A question mark appears if Zoomer doesn’t know what to do. Owners can also train Zoomer to do things not on the list of pre-programmed tricks. Thankfully, for those who don’t want to spend time teaching a robot dog new tricks, there is a button on the back of Zoomer that switches on an auto-pilot mode. That way you can enjoy being entertained by his antics without any fuss.

Zoomer the Robot Dog has sensors on his face and on his chest, giving him a wide range of vision and the ability to truly interact with his environment. He has a USB attachment for recharging, and an hour of charging will give you a half hour of playtime. Best of all, you can train Zoomer to sleep or simply turn him off if you no longer have time or want to play. No need to worry about crates or a dog’s endless barking waking the neighbors. Children and adults alike have left stellar reviews for Zoomer. The ease of use, loads of options and just plain adorable appearance of Zoomer have made him a favorite family toy.

Clearly anyone who likes cute things and dogs would probably love a Zoomer, but who would this robot be ideal for? First off, people who live in small apartments in the city, because Zoomer takes up little space and will not ruin your damage deposit. Second, children who aren’t very responsible. There is no need to worry that a child will continually forget to feed zoomer or take him out, and parents can rest assured that Zoomer won’t be eating food the child doesn’t want during dinner. Finally, people who love dogs but who just don’t have the energy or time to take care of them. 

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Written by eifu

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