When technology and creative people, companies with good ideas get together, anything can happen. Especially if, technology-wise, we are talking about the global leader in electronics such as Samsung. And if they work together with the global health service company like Cigna, the results can be quite outstanding and offer the consumers something truly useful, maybe even exciting, and engaging.

And exactly like that the aforementioned companies have come out with the next generation of smart health coaching service called Coach by Cigna which is part of Samsung platform initiative S Health meant to help Samsung Galaxy S5 users as well as the users of the new Samsung Gear devices collect and integrate health information. It can help you track different kinds of health statistics like weight, blood glucose levels, blood pressure. Users can set their health goals and follow the changes. Coach by Cigna adds even more power to S Health by offering quantifiable health assessments, motivational messaging and more. Based on your answers to a few initial lifestyle questions, Coach by Cigna will then create the user’s lifestyle improvement plan which involves everything you could imagine, things like exercise, sleep, nutrition, stress, weight. It has been built on the experiences of Cigna’s own health experts to really offer digital health guidance with a personality.

You can learn more about it all by visiting the websites of Samsung or Cigna or by checking through the interactive media player that you can find below.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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