Top Five Mobile & Tablet Security Tips

Jul - 23 - 2012
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When it comes to virtual crime then there is also a great need to secure all your mobile devices, which include smart phones and tablets. The people’s dependency on mobile devices has captured the attention of cyber criminals. Hence, it is needed to ensure the security of your mobile devices, which is also essential in safeguarding your privacy. The same general advice are applied to secure a laptop as well as desktop, but the ultra-mobility of smart phones and tablets have given rise to different threats and different recommendations to safeguard these smaller devices. To tap maximum benefits and for uninterrupted usage of your mobile device, go through these five mobile security tips.

Mobile Security

 1. Locking the device :

Lost and stolen devices have always been a severe threat to businesses and consumers. Many Americans doesn’t just lose their phones but also misplace their sensitive and personal data on the phone. Your phone integrating sensitive data must be best safeguarded with an easy to remember password, which is a first line defense. Pairing your long password with an auto destruct policy is a great idea as numerous attempts to enter a password will automatically delete all the data on your phone and thus prevent your device from any kind of invasion.

 2. Ignore questionable apps :

Experts always suggest downloading applications from trusted and vetted sources such as Google’s Android Marketplace, Amazon’s app store and many more. It is also desirous to stick with the popular applications. Safety before downloading an app is suggested because every piece of malicious software that infected a mobile device has most of the time been a Trojan horse.

 3. Integrate the best antivirus software on your device :

Viruses, malware, and hacking are the issues that are increasing at a faster pace and creating trouble for the smartphones and tablet users. You should consider installing a reliable antivirus security app that will help you safeguard against infections and intrusions. Many antivirus solutions are developed with additional features like remote wiping, backup and locating.

 4. Create a backup for your data : 

Fortunately, mobile devices are easy to back up and through this convenience a user can make the most of it. You should regularly backup to get rid of the fear of losing data even if your company follows strict auto-destruct policy for phones that are misplaced or stolen.

 5. Pay heed while using public Wi-Fi :

Security experts suggest avoiding the use of public Wi-Fi hotspots, which aren’t encrypted, as your entire Internet traffic is transferred via air and can be easily intercepted. Even the important sites and services that include banking websites generally enforce their own (HTTPS/SSL) encryption that safeguards their individual traffic. But, the same is not applicable with the email providers and many social networking sites that make easy for eavesdroppers to get hold over the passwords and traffic.

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