LG Electronics, a multinational electronics company, is providing the canvas for today’s digital artwork. The canvas’ being their ULTRA HD and OLED TVs and the artwork…well, the artwork is to be created by you! LG has just launched a competition for top art students from nine top art schools in the U.S. The competition is called Art of The Pixel and it challenges the students in these nine schools to create still and motion artwork for the chance of winning $5000 in cash.

The best part about the competition is the fact that $5000 will be given out to the winner of EACH school. Plus this one finalist from each school will also win a trip to New York City where LG-organized Black Tie Event will be taking place and where the top winner will be announced. The top winner will get an additional $5000 in cash with the second place going home with an additional $3000. Also the participating schools should have enough motivation to get their students to participate considering the winner’s school will get a $50 000 grant and the grant for the school of second place winner is $25 000.

Information about which schools can participate as well as the details and requirements of the artwork can be found at www.lgusa.com/LGSupportsTheArts. The submission form is open until July 13, 2013.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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