Appiphany Technologies OTCBB: APHD is a company who endeavors innovative ways to give us, the consumers, interactive entertainment. They are a digital media company that aims to be come a market leader in advanced mobile device applications.

Their new brand that is about to launch in the third quarter of 2013 is called MMA Animals.

During the recent years both UFC as well as other martial arts brands have gained a lot of popularity and Appiphany Technologies decided to create the first ever martial arts brand for kids. MMA Animals will be incorporating mobile games, augmented reality ebooks as well as smart toys all in one brand. While one might simply mistake it for just a new game for kids, it’s far from that. The players will be in charge of creating their own story and if used together with the mobile application, the smart toys and ebooks will come to life, literally.

Total of eight animals, or characters, will be offered to the players, each from a different region in the world, with different fighting style and different background. There will also be eight different interactive stories that the players can take part of, or actually create their own based on their play and other factors.

MMA Animals will be available for Apple iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Disclosure: This post was requested by an advertiser.

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