For anyone who owns an iPhone, it is impossible not to notice just how sparse the battery life of the device typically tends to be. That, alas, is one of the penances that you must pay for having such a multi-functional phone. There is a vast array of reasons that the battery life on iPhones is notoriously short-lived but, luckily, there is also a number of steps that you can take to help maximise the battery life of your iPhone…
…let’s take a look at the top 5 iPhone battery tips below:

 1. Reduce Screen Brightness :

reduce screen brightnessYou will no doubt want your iPhone screen to be as bright and shiny as possible but, in actuality, the brightness that you have your phone set to will have a direct correlation to the length of battery life that you enjoy. Just dimming your screen by a small amount will have a big effect on how long your iPhone battery lasts. Alternatively, utilise the iPhone’s auto-brightness functionality, which it achieves through its ambient light sensor.

 2. Turn the Wi-Fi Off :

Turn the Wi-Fi OffWhilst a Wi-Fi connection is obviously faster than a 3G connection, it’s your phone’s battery that pays the price for this increased level of speed! If you turn your Wi-Fi off except when you actually know that there is a hotspot (or your home connection) to join, then your phone’s battery will be the beneficiary.

 3. Reduce Auto-Lock Time :

Reduce Auto-Lock TimeBy reducing the time it takes for your iPhone to ‘go to sleep’, you will be able to increase the length which the battery lasts. The faster that your iPhone powers down when not in use, the longer the battery life will be. Generally speaking, try setting your phone’s auto-lock function to around one minute or so.

 4. Change or Turn Off Data Push : 

Turn Off Data PushThough you may not realise it, the “push” function on your iPhone (whereby it automatically and systematically checks your device for emails) is actually a big drain on your battery life. By turning your data push function off and checking your email manually, you will realise that your battery life may well be extended significantly (unless you check for emails every 10 seconds)!

 5. Turn Off Your Background Apps :

Turn Off AppsOne of the biggest (and often most unknown) battery drains for iPhones is having apps running in the background. It isn’t always immediately apparent that these apps are running and many people will be bemused as to why their batteries seem to last no time at all but actually checking whether any of your apps are still running in the background will probably reveal why your battery life is so woeful. Many people have as many as 30 apps running away in the background without the user realising it – and this, of course, will drain the battery life considerably.

Leo is a gadgets and technology blogger who has a big interest in iPhones and how you can improve battery life or buy batteries online.

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