10 types of web hosting

Web Hosting Service is an Internet Hosting Service that allows a number of companies, organizations and individuals to make their web sites accessible via the WWW (World Wide Web). Companies which provide disk space, internet connectivity, monthly bandwidth, data transfer and many other services are called Web Hosting Companies. There are many types of Hosting, some of which will be discussed in this article for your reference. 1. Free Web  [ Read More ]

Any modern business worth its salt recognises the importance of keeping information stored safely and securely. But what’s the most robust and cost-effective solution? Some companies choose to invest in their own data storage units. However, virtual servers are emerging as the smart way to protect what matters most. Why go to the expense of purchasing costly server equipment if cheaper alternatives exist? If you do invest in your own  [ Read More ]

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies

Here I have explained top 10 best web hosting companies. these are the most affordable and reliable web hosting companies for you. Although there are many web hosting companies providing web space at very low cost but these companies are the best of them. You will surely happy with the service and support of these web hosting companies. I have also mentioned the packages and features of these web hosting  [ Read More ]

How To Start A Web Hosting Company

To start a web hosting company is very easy but to market it and convert your website visitors to your customers is very difficult. If you are thinking that today you buy a server, make a website to sell web hosting and from the another day you will getting customers then you are wrong. But Don’t worry, there are many market strategies to sell your web hosting. Now I’m going  [ Read More ]

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