Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a type of statistical hypothesis testing that involves a randomized experiment with two variants. It may also be referred to as two-sample hypothesis testing as used in the field of statistics. The goal of which is to determine the changes in outcomes between two web pages when a specific attribute in one is changed. The default number of search results in Google  [ Read More ]

Stuff we launch into an orbit around the earth eventually becomes space debris. Scientists say the increasing number of unusable objects circling our planet is threatening functioning satellites as well as humans flying into space. The European Space Agency, or ESA, plans to solve the problem. The U.S. space agency NASA says there are half a million pieces of space debris, with more than 20,000 larger than an apple. Most  [ Read More ]

Technology companies always seem to be at the forefront of innovation, not only when it comes to implementing new technology, but also creating really good working environment for everyone involved with the company. From management to programmers, from secretaries to customers. It’s the experience that the best of the best IT companies offer to their employees today. Considering good people are always hard to find, the best companies out there  [ Read More ]

The Turkish government is facing growing criticism over its proposals to control Internet use. The moves come with the government mired in corruption allegations. The center of Istanbul became a battleground, with police using water cannons and tear gas to disperse a mid-January demonstration against government proposals to control the Internet. Were the proposals to become law, Internet service providers would be compelled to block websites within four hours of  [ Read More ]

How To Make A Great Online Survey

Online surveys are effective in helping companies get to know their customers better. This is crucial for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty in this competitive online environment. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time to launch a survey with the help of a free online survey tool you can find on the web. Here’s what you should know to do it right. Focus on your goal Running a survey without a  [ Read More ]

What Works In Affordable Email Marketing

For many, the idea of an email marketing strategy begins and ends with the idea of having an email marketing strategy. We’re not saying that they don’t go any further than that initial germ of an idea, but beyond knocking together the odd email to send out to their contacts list, there is not a lot of, well, strategizing. And the reasons for this are quite simple. It isn’t that  [ Read More ]

Backing up your WordPress blog is a very necessary task to do. You must backup your WordPress blog frequently (at least once in a week). Any accident on the server may delete all your WordPress data (files + database). You should have at least one recent backup of your blog on your computer so that you don’t lose your articles or the comments your readers have left on your blog. Many  [ Read More ]

After a string of bullying-related suicides in 2010, the media began to put pressure on parents to talk to their children about bullying, and encouraged school officials to implement anti-bullying lessons into the curriculum. As bullying continues to be a major problem, and a leading cause of teen suicide, technology companies have taken it upon themselves to make it easier for students to report bully behavior. Today, there are several  [ Read More ]

REGSVR.EXE is the root cause for all problems. Many a time when you insert your pendrive you may get an icon named :- autorun.inf or many a times the parent folder contains a subfolder with the parent folder name and .exe extension. Autorun.inf, New folder.exe is the common named file that transfers as a worm – regsvr.exe. This is because of regsvr.exe virus. It is a worm which replicates itself and schedules  [ Read More ]

So here  I’m going  to guide you about how you can show your picture in google search result whenever your website is listed in search result. Just follow the steps what i have mentioned. But before doing so I would like to let you know about who can do this ? A website owner or blogger or an article writer can show their picture in google search result page. All you need  [ Read More ]

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Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a type ...

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Stuff we launch into an orbit around the earth eventually ...

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