NEW DELHI — Internet giants Facebook and Google have recently acquired two India-based technology start-up companies. This is expected to give a boost to entrepreneurship in India, home to tens of thousands of software engineers and a thriving information technology industry. Facebook clinched the deal to acquire Little Eye Labs, a company founded about a year and a half ago by four engineers in Bangalore, in early January. The company  [ Read More ]

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Here I have explained 10 best google chrome extensions. these are the most useful extension for your google chrome web browser. Although FireFox is still king of browser add-ons, Google’s chrome is surely gaining a great selections of extensions to make it an even more powerful and versatile browser. Checkout our best 10 Google Chrome extensions I have mentioned below and install in your  google chrome browser for better experience. 1. Web Developer  [ Read More ]

Search engines are the major sources of visitors to your site. Most people go to the internet sites after searching them on the google. Most important and most used search engine is google. So, if your site is not placed in any search engine, you cannot get a good and stable amount of visitors. Here we are giving you some quick tips to get your site indexed in google and  [ Read More ]

The apple company products were some of the most searched tech-related terms of 2011, according to The search engines. The seo just published a collection of the top searched terms for 2011, with tech-related terms taking up half of the top ten queries for the season. The phrase iPhone 5 came in at 6, driven by months of speculation and objectives by people and experts for Celery latest smartphone While  [ Read More ]

This article will let you know about how to get traffic to your blog or website. Everyone one wish to get traffic just after creating their website or blog but it is very hard to get instant traffic to your blog or website but not impossible. Just to design a website and to launch it on the web is not enough to make money from that website. You must need enough visitors to your website in order to make money from it  [ Read More ]

As everyone knows that google again changed algorithm of its search engine. Many site are affected from this expected change of google. this algorithm of google search engine is mostly based on unique content of your website. this time google tried a lot to in panda to filter duplicate content and websites have fake impact  on the web. Panda is only working on spam. so if you have original content on your website, you don’t need to  [ Read More ]

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