LG Electronics, a multinational electronics company, is providing the canvas for today’s digital artwork. The canvas’ being their ULTRA HD and OLED TVs and the artwork…well, the artwork is to be created by you! LG has just launched a competition for top art students from nine top art schools in the U.S. The competition is called Art of The Pixel and it challenges the students in these nine schools to  [ Read More ]

When technology and creative people, companies with good ideas get together, anything can happen. Especially if, technology-wise, we are talking about the global leader in electronics such as Samsung. And if they work together with the global health service company like Cigna, the results can be quite outstanding and offer the consumers something truly useful, maybe even exciting, and engaging. And exactly like that the aforementioned companies have come out  [ Read More ]

The Dawn Of A New Era Right now the worlds of blue-chip technology and manufacturing are colliding with the dawn of 3D printing. This is very much the frontier of a new age as 3D printing is set to completely change the way we think about manufacturing. A vast array of products have already been successfully developed using 3D printing, from fully-working guns to prosthetic limbs and even working aircraft!  [ Read More ]

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more sophisticated these days, even the ones meant for children. For instance, the NAO robot can pick itself up if it falls, follows complicated commands, and is able to be programmed by users. But one of its greatest advancements is that it is cute. Thanks to a simple discover – robots that don’t move their heads while they talk look angry. While advancements in AI certainly  [ Read More ]

Appiphany Technologies OTCBB: APHD is a company who endeavors innovative ways to give us, the consumers, interactive entertainment. They are a digital media company that aims to be come a market leader in advanced mobile device applications. Their new brand that is about to launch in the third quarter of 2013 is called MMA Animals. During the recent years both UFC as well as other martial arts brands have gained  [ Read More ]

Virgin Mobile Offers the Kyocera Event

It seems that even the larger mobile and broadband providers are feeling the continued economic pinch in the first half of this year. While this may be frustrating for the companies themselves, the customers are in the position to reap some considerable benefits. An example of a recent windfall for the budget-oriented individual is Virgin’s release of the Kyocera Event. Many have interpreted this deal as Virgin’s increased need to  [ Read More ]

A long-awaited revolutionary mobile phone hit the world on 12th of September. Apple announced its new iPhone 5. It is good to know that the new iPhone 5 costs around $168 to make, but sells for $399. As expected, the new iPhone is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. In this phone, Apple offers an A6 chip which is two times faster and 22% smaller than the old A5 chip.  [ Read More ]

The smartphone market in the world has heated up with a lot of new contenders. Most of people would either choose between an Apple iPhone of Samsung Galaxy S III. Then there is LG Optimus 4X which also looks like a good product, especially if you are looking for a Android based phone. The handset of the 4X is similar to that of the Optimus L7. The body of the phone  [ Read More ]

For anyone who owns an iPhone, it is impossible not to notice just how sparse the battery life of the device typically tends to be. That, alas, is one of the penances that you must pay for having such a multi-functional phone. There is a vast array of reasons that the battery life on iPhones is notoriously short-lived but, luckily, there is also a number of steps that you can  [ Read More ]

Top Five Mobile & Tablet Security Tips

When it comes to virtual crime then there is also a great need to secure all your mobile devices, which include smart phones and tablets. The people’s dependency on mobile devices has captured the attention of cyber criminals. Hence, it is needed to ensure the security of your mobile devices, which is also essential in safeguarding your privacy. The same general advice are applied to secure a laptop as well  [ Read More ]

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When technology and creative people, companies with good ideas get ...