Blogging boomed in the 1990s as a way for average Joes to get their thoughts, feelings, knowledge and opinions out into the World Wide Web. Nowadays, rather than targeting one specific audience, bloggers can influence a whole host of internet users with their posts, as well as using blogging as a way to generate profits, promote their businesses and reach otherwise distant audiences – as long as they have the  [ Read More ]

Meta tags help your web pages in search engine ranking. These tags give an identity to your web page about its category. Meta tags are the main aspect of on page search engine optimization. Without these tags you can’t expect good search engine result. Those who has tried to add meta tags like meta keywords and descriptions to blogger pages, might have noticed that to add meta keywords and description  [ Read More ]

Here I have explained 9 steps about how to install wordpress. these are the most useful steps for your wordpress installation. WordPress must be installed on a web hosting server. Its  an open-source blogging software. The below steps will help you with installing WordPress in your cPanel using Softaculous. Checkout these 9 steps I have mentioned below about how to install WordPress blog and start your own wordpress blog. Step 1: Login to  [ Read More ]

20 Best WordPress Plugins

Here I’m going yo explain you 20 best wordpress plugins for your wordpress blog. I’m also using most of the plugins i have mentioned in this post. WordPress plugins help your blog traffic as well as many other things. Ranging from simple to complex and free to commercial, WordPress plugins allow you to create a website that meets your every whim, want and need.  These wordpress plugins are the top rated  [ Read More ]

10 Best Free WordPress Themes

This post actually should be regarded as less is more. At first I believed I should make large record complete of latest WordPress styles, but then I believed again, how much actually of these styles I would want to use myself. Variety was a lot smaller than I believed. So in the following paragraphs I detailed only very well developed,feature wealthy and truly amazing styles. And with so much styles  [ Read More ]

Running a blog for SEO – Key terms

When it comes to having a site for your enterprise, it can offer many requirements. However, one of the best tips on how to get your enterprise discovered with very little attempt and no money at all is to use blogging and site-building for SEO promotion. When you have a site, individuals will are often more likely to study it and understand about your enterprise because it is relaxed and  [ Read More ]

Generate income from running a blog is a possible thing but it takes more than just imagination to generate income from running a blog. You need to get expert site guidelines from web owners who are already making attractive amounts of cash to be taken along the right path.If you remember, I recommended determining about the subject How to make money from a blog. So this post is going to  [ Read More ]

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