Here I have explained 9 steps about how to install wordpress. these are the most useful steps for your wordpress installation. WordPress must be installed on a web hosting server. Its  an open-source blogging software. The below steps will help you with installing WordPress in your cPanel using Softaculous. Checkout these 9 steps I have mentioned below about how to install WordPress blog and start your own wordpress blog.

Step 1: Login to your website admin panel : The first step is to login to your control panel. Here i have given you an example about how to login in cPanel. Enter your username and password provided by your hosting provider and simply login in order to go to your control panel.

cpanel login page

Step 2: Go to Softaculous : In the next step you have to look for “softalulous link” in your control panel. just click on softaculous link to install wordpress in your cpanel. Softaculous is a software which helps you to install wordpress in few clicks.

software services

Step 3: Go to blogs and click on wordpress : After clicking on software link you will see a screen like this. Now you have to look for “wordpress link” under blogs field. simply click on that link in order to go to wordpress installation page.

wordpress link in cpanel

Step 4: Look for the “install” link and click on it : After clicking on “wordpress” link you will see a page like this which will ask you to install wordpress. Just click on “install”  in order to install wordpress blog in your cpanel.

wordpress installation page

Step 5: Customize your default settings : In this step you have to customize your default setting. simply choose your protocol, domain, directory name in which you want to install your wordpress blog, database name and click on install wordpress or next button.

wordpress setup page

Step 6: Insert database, site and admin settings : In this step you have to insert your database setting. just create an database on your server and insert that database setting over here. Just insert your table prefix, site name and description, admin username , password, Email and simply click on install button.

username and password

Step 7: Confirmation page of your installation : In this step you will see a confirmation page of your wordpress installation. You will see the message “Congratulations, the software was installed successfully”.  Just go to your administrative url to configure your wordpress blog setting.

installation confirmation page

Step 8: Login to Your WordPress Admin Panel : In this step you have to login to your wordpress admin panel. Your wordpress admin login page will look like this. Just insert your wordpress admin username and password and lick on login button in order to go to your wordpress admin control panel.

wordpress login page

Step 9: Go to your wordpress dashboard : In this step at the first login to your wordpress admin control panel you will see an option to change your admin password. simply change your password which one is comfortable to you and go to you wordpress dashboard.

wordpress change passsswordOk, You have installed your wordpress blog successfully in your cpanel. enjoy and earn money with your wordpress blog.

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Written by sanchit singh

sanchit singh

Sanchit Singh is an IT Professional and blogger at BigPassage. You can connect with me on Facebook and Google+ at +Sanchit Singh. Go to page to know more about me.

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