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How To Make A Great Online Survey

Online surveys are effective in helping companies get to know their customers better. This is crucial for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty in this competitive online environment. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time to launch a survey with the help of a free online survey tool you can find on the web. Here’s what you should know to do it right. Focus on your goal Running a survey without a  [ Read More ]

What Works In Affordable Email Marketing

For many, the idea of an email marketing strategy begins and ends with the idea of having an email marketing strategy. We’re not saying that they don’t go any further than that initial germ of an idea, but beyond knocking together the odd email to send out to their contacts list, there is not a lot of, well, strategizing. And the reasons for this are quite simple. It isn’t that  [ Read More ]

Virgin Mobile Offers the Kyocera Event

It seems that even the larger mobile and broadband providers are feeling the continued economic pinch in the first half of this year. While this may be frustrating for the companies themselves, the customers are in the position to reap some considerable benefits. An example of a recent windfall for the budget-oriented individual is Virgin’s release of the Kyocera Event. Many have interpreted this deal as Virgin’s increased need to  [ Read More ]

10 Best Free Games For Android

An Android smartphone can entertain you in many ways and games are one of them. Here i have explained a list of 10 best games for android. These are free games for android. I can guarantee you that these best android games will definitely entertain you and make you addicted of games as well. If you are looking for free android games which are best games as well then this  [ Read More ]

How Much Do You Rely On The Internet?

It’s a fair bet to say that the internet is a very important piece of technology. It is used for countless things, from both work and the home. Because of this, it’s always vital to look at how important to the internet is, both for your personal and professional life. If this is the case, it might encourage you to assess and improve your broadband needs.  Communication : Besides your  [ Read More ]

A long-awaited revolutionary mobile phone hit the world on 12th of September. Apple announced its new iPhone 5. It is good to know that the new iPhone 5 costs around $168 to make, but sells for $399. As expected, the new iPhone is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. In this phone, Apple offers an A6 chip which is two times faster and 22% smaller than the old A5 chip.  [ Read More ]

The smartphone market in the world has heated up with a lot of new contenders. Most of people would either choose between an Apple iPhone of Samsung Galaxy S III. Then there is LG Optimus 4X which also looks like a good product, especially if you are looking for a Android based phone. The handset of the 4X is similar to that of the Optimus L7. The body of the phone  [ Read More ]

Backing up your WordPress blog is a very necessary task to do. You must backup your WordPress blog frequently (at least once in a week). Any accident on the server may delete all your WordPress data (files + database). You should have at least one recent backup of your blog on your computer so that you don’t lose your articles or the comments your readers have left on your blog. Many  [ Read More ]

Like other devices, Google nexus 7 is not hardware manufactured by Google. After mountain view has done with Motorola, Samsung and HTC, Google now paired with Asus to manufacture this nexus 7 tablet. This tablet is really nice to hold because of rubber backing. In order to make this tablet cheap, Asus hasn’t given rear camera in it. They had option to give front or rear camera and for quality  [ Read More ]

BigPassage offers one free 8GB Sandisk pen drive to its lucky 5 subscribers monthly from this july. Be our subscriber and get a chance to win a pen drive for free. We love our subscribers and occasionally provide gifts to them.  This time we are providing free 8 GB pen drives to our five lucky subscribers every month. 15th of every month, we create a list of our subscribers who  [ Read More ]

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